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We provide professional procurement services helping you source goods and services from suppliers around the world. We work with our clients to identify and deliver savings in a number of bought-in goods and services; whilst producing significant cost savings, contributing to an improved bottom-line financial performance of your business.

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As your business partner, we are focussed on helping improve profitability. We cover the following areas: Cost management, Operational audits,Business improvement, General Procurement Training and more.


We can provide a detailed analysis of your purchase ledger to identify where the potential cost-savings can be found. We also help you identify any losses that you may have incurred in your purchases, and also see where you may have been over-priced or over-charged by your suppliers.


We provide a dedicated Outsourced Purchase Manager whose responsibility will be to ensure your procurements are being conducted efficiently and cost-effectively.


We can negotiate price on your behalf. We need to know your budget and the highest price you are willing to pay then we can negotiate the best price possible from the suppliers. Price negotiation may be daunting for your staff if they don’t have experience doing so. We have been negotiating for over 20 years.
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Our buyers are African companies. They look for competitive pricing on high quality products that suit African markets. Strong and durable yet cost effective is key to winning their business.
We have sellers in over 38 countries, spread across 5 continents. We have sellers in several sectors who want to grow their business into Africa through building strong sustainable relationships.
We work with several suppliers but we do not carry out business development services for companies that want to enter African markets. We have buyers for several products so please feel free to contact us.

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